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Join ::PowderPuff Geeks:: blogroll

Looking over the blogosphere, I'm finding that women that enjoy technology are scattered to the four corners. I know we are out there! This blogroll is for us to gather and enjoy reading what other females have to say. The criteria is simple:
  1. You must be a female
  2. Your blog/website must be technical in nature concerning computers, coding, blogs, html, CSS, using graphics, programming...
If you feel you qualify and wish to join, send me an email at Include in your email:
  1. Name of your site
  2. Link to your site
  3. Short description of what your site is about
Simple as that. I will let you know if it is accepted, and send you an email with a code for the blogroll, which must be displayed on your blog.

Here is a little button for your sidebar: ::PowderPuff Geeks::
How exciting!!! :-) Just save the image to your server please!


Blogger Laura said...
Nice blogroll. My blog is too full of personal babbling to join. But I will save this page to look at those blogs after the big Mothers Day weekend.

I came through your blog looking for a better way to wrap up stuff in the sidebar. I want something really simple and lazy. I found a site that does it but then I noticed they are running ads in the code they give out. So I'm working on fixing that.

7:59 PM 
Blogger new_tech said...
Hello Blogger,
Nice to see that someone has finally cared about this issue. Well, I personally don't have a technical blog, but I'll bookmarked this link for future need. Thank you.

2:21 AM 
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1:19 AM 
Blogger nerinossa said...
Looking over the blogosphere, I'm finding that women that enjoy technology are scattered to the four corners

3:43 PM 
Blogger TECH FIRE said...

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3:33 AM 

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